Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So tomorrow is the big day for my knee and myself. I also have the luxury of getting up at the darkest hour of the night, 5 am. It is only a day surgery so I will be out of there by the afternoon and ready to rest the week away on my crutches.

My leg shaving was a very successful mission. Silky smooth in less then 25 minutes, I even surprised myself. This was only due to using an electric razor to take the long length in hair down. Also tonight I will be writing on my leg to make sure they do the right leg because I have heard some awful stories.

The visit with the doctor today was a success, he told me that he could take pictures from the surgery and put on a CD. Also we went over some paper work and said that I could lose my leg, but slight chance not too. We both laughed and then he said that you might also die from going under the gas. This just made me want to do the procedure even more now.

When all was done, I had to give a very quick blood sample and urine test, and then we headed back to the school. Where I enjoyed my last day of walking around as much as possible because I get to use lovely crutches tomorrow.


  1. Good luck with the surgery!! :) and great job with the shaving..i'm super jealous!lol

  2. legs are smoother than christi's

  3. i tried :P they are still sort of smooth even a few days after