Monday, March 30, 2009

2 Days Left

So today I have 2 days left before my surgery. I am really not that nervous for it, but who really is until they are at the hospital. These last few days I have just been trying to enjoy the fact of being able to walk. The reason this is because if you have ever used crutches before they are horrible and aggravating. On top of that I have been just upper body at the gym, which I will have to give up for only a week or two hopefully. I will probably get many looks when I go back to the gym on 2 crutches but hey at least I am there doing something.

I have discovered something that made me think of an idea. This idea is that I am going to shave both my legs. The reason I came up with doing this is because I have heard that the hospital only does half of the one leg. So why would I want to look bad with half of a leg shaved when I can do both on my own and look good.

Also, I got my meeting tomorrow with my doctor to go over a few things so I will let you know how that goes. I am going to try and persuade them into doing a few things for me if I can for my dad. Other then that I will get back to you tomorrow with how my legs and the pre day meeting went.

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