Thursday, April 9, 2009

The First Seeing

Today I finally got to go back to the doctors to talk to them about my knee. They told me it was a success and that I should make a full recovery. Also today I got to see my knee for the first time today it was exciting to see since its been trapped in a wrap for a week. They cut it off and cleaned my leg up so the dry blood would not be on it anymore. Then I noticed my leg was all bruised, but really I thought I was just turning yellow for some reason. Now I am trapped in this brace for another full week, but at least my leg can breath now and I can see it.

The other important thing is what they really did and why I have so many cuts around my knee. They made a total of 7 different insertions or well areas that they cut me open. These insertions were used to; feed water in, feed water out, scope to see knee, 2 for tools for the knee, camera for hamstring, and tools for the hamstring. I know, so many things that must be done for a surgery, but then again years ago they would cut your knee wide open. So I am thankful they make it less noticeable now a day.

Next week I get my stitches out, I am quite happy about this too. I will get back to you next time I got something on my mind. There has not been much going on then laying around that’s all. If any other questions just ask me if you want.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fun In the Brace

Here are some before and after pictures from me before being in brace and after. The before picture is in my bed i was being take care of in before and after surgery. The others are just outside at other places after my surgery. All I have to say is its like carrying around a small child wrapped around your leg. I have to be in this brace for a week and then I get a different one after that. Right now I am still just laying around doing nothing really, however I will get some school work done soon once I can think straight.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The day after

So today is the day after my surgery, I was going to try and write a blog the day of my surgery but it didn't work out. The surgery was a success, I did not die or lose my leg so I was happy about that. My knee still hurts, but that is normal for right now.

I arrived at the hospital at 5am on April 1st, the darkest hour of the night that is. I put on my single piece of clothing they make you wear and laid in bed till they came an got me. Then they pumped me full of drugs and brought me into the surgery room, which reminded me of a horror film. All I remember was seeing like 8 people, being put on a small bed, and passing out.

Right after passing out I woke up, I had this huge and heavy brace that covered 4/5 of my leg, I was not happy. My coach then came and got me and I was on my way to get my medication and sleep my whole day away. After my coach dropped me off I went to stay at my buddies house and just been relaxing since. I will put some pictures up tomorrow that I have taken of my leg and such.