Thursday, April 9, 2009

The First Seeing

Today I finally got to go back to the doctors to talk to them about my knee. They told me it was a success and that I should make a full recovery. Also today I got to see my knee for the first time today it was exciting to see since its been trapped in a wrap for a week. They cut it off and cleaned my leg up so the dry blood would not be on it anymore. Then I noticed my leg was all bruised, but really I thought I was just turning yellow for some reason. Now I am trapped in this brace for another full week, but at least my leg can breath now and I can see it.

The other important thing is what they really did and why I have so many cuts around my knee. They made a total of 7 different insertions or well areas that they cut me open. These insertions were used to; feed water in, feed water out, scope to see knee, 2 for tools for the knee, camera for hamstring, and tools for the hamstring. I know, so many things that must be done for a surgery, but then again years ago they would cut your knee wide open. So I am thankful they make it less noticeable now a day.

Next week I get my stitches out, I am quite happy about this too. I will get back to you next time I got something on my mind. There has not been much going on then laying around that’s all. If any other questions just ask me if you want.

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