Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good vs Bad

Since my injury I have contemplated on whether it was for a good or bad reason. Surprisingly I have actually come up with more good reasons then bad, does it mean it happened for a reason? Well I think things do happen for a reason really, because without obstacles we would have nothing to overcome in life.

I will start with why I think it is bad that I injured myself this year first then say why I think it is good. So there were really only two things so far that I have come up with for bad reasons. One being, that I will have to be on crutches for a few weeks after my surgery. This will make me unable to do cardio vascular activities after three months of rehab. The other being my summer season, it is my last year to be able to throw at the junior level. This will make me unable to throw at the Canadian Junior Nationals and defend my title This is being held at Prince Edward Island also and I have never been there before too. I will also not be able to attend the Junior Pan America Games located in Trinidad either or break any records if I could have.

Now onto the good, I have come up with plenty of good things that I think will make me become better in the end. For my rehab, it will make my knee stronger after and make me have to stretch more then I did before. I am not going to lie I really never did that much of stretching so it will be a good turn around. Another thing with the rehab is that once my knee gets better after surgery I will have to do cardio workouts for my knee. This is to strengthen my knee, but it will also help me get into better shape then I was because I never did much running ever. So in the end I think overall as an athlete it will help me to become better then I ever was.

It is always better to look on the positive side of things when you are hurt because if you don’t you might fall off track. People have always told me I am going to hurt myself with how I throw; I guess it decided to come true. I just think that now I know that my way of throwing had a negative effect, I will have to learn how to throw with my foot in the right place. This is just and obstacle to over come, never give up and never surrender.

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